SN MAN Registration Number Company Name
1 MAN/GML/00002 African Paints Nigeria Plc
2 MAN/GML/00003 Afrab-Chemical Limited
3 MAN/GML/00006 Allied Biscuit Company Limited
4 MAN/GML/00007 Boss JGJ Sino Industries Limited
5 MAN/GML/00009 Unilever Nigeria Plc
6 MAN/GML/00012 Battery Manufacturing Co. Limited
7 MAN/GML/00015 Glaxo Smithkline Consumer Plc
8 MAN/GML/00017 Berger Paints Nigeria Plc
9 MAN/GML/00018 Newbisco Limited
10 MAN/GML/00021 Cadbury Nigeria Plc
11 MAN/GML/00024 Central Packaging Limited
12 MAN/GML/00025 Chemical & Allied Products Plc
13 MAN/GML/00026 Cinsere Sewing Machine Assembly Plant
14 MAN/GML/00027 Cocoa Industries Limited
15 MAN/GML/00028 Coates Brothers West Africa Limited
16 MAN/GML/00032 Crittal Hope Nigeria Limited
17 MAN/GML/00035 Delta Manufacturing Company Limited
18 MAN/GML/00036 Dormanlong Engineering Limited
19 MAN/GML/00038 DN Tyre & Rubber Plc
20 MAN/GML/00039 Dauphin Nigeria Limited
21 MAN/GML/00044 Noc-Sino Ind. Limited
22 MAN/GML/00048 Galvanizing Industries Limited
23 MAN/GML/00052 G.M.O & Company Limited
24 MAN/GML/00053 Grizi Nigeria Limited
25 MAN/GML/00054 Guinness Nigeria Plc
27 MAN/GML/00057 Hoesch Pipe Mills (Nig.) Limited
28 MAN/GML/00058 Honda Manufacturing Co. Nig. Limited
29 MAN/GML/00059 Industrial Cartons Limited
30 MAN/GML/00060 Industrial & Farm Equipments Company Ltd.
31 MAN/GML/00062 I.P.W.A. Plc
32 MAN/GML/00063 Irede Company Limited
33 MAN/GML/00068 Kabelmetal Nigeria Plc
34 MAN/GML/00072 Lisabi Mills Nigeria Limited
35 MAN/GML/00073 Livestock Feeds Limited
36 MAN/GML/00075 Mandarin Industries Limited
37 MAN/GML/00077 Metalum Limited
38 MAN/GML/00079 Metropolitan Industries Nigeria Limited
39 MAN/GML/00080 Minesota Nigeria Limited
40 MAN/GML/00081 Morison Industries Plc
41 MAN/GML/00082 Kiwi Nigeria Limited
42 MAN/GML/00083 Nigerite Limited
43 MAN/GML/00084 Niger Sanitary Industry Limited
44 MAN/GML/00085 Nigerchin Electrical Development Co. Ltd
45 MAN/GML/00087 Nigeria Ball-Point Pen Industries Limited
46 MAN/GML/00088 Nigerian Carton & Packgn. Mfg. Co. Ltd
47 MAN/GML/00090 Nigeria Enamelware Comoany Limited
48 MAN/GML/00091 UTC PLC
49 MAN/GML/00092 Nigeria German Chemicls Plc
50 MAN/GML/00093 Nigeria Kraft Bags Limited
51 MAN/GML/00096 Nigerian Perfecta Shoes Limited
52 MAN/GML/00098 Nycil Limited
53 MAN/GML/00099 Nigeria Wire Ind. Plc
54 MAN/GML/00101 Norman Industries Limited
55 MAN/GML/00102 Obafoot Nigeria Limited
56 MAN/GML/00107 PZ Cussons Limited
57 MAN/GML/00108 Neimeth International Pharm Plc
58 MAN/GML/00110 Pharco Products Limited
59 MAN/GML/00113 Pioneer Metal Products Company Limited
60 MAN/GML/00115 Poly Products Nigeria Plc
61 MAN/GML/00120 Rida National Plastics Limited
62 MAN/GML/00122 Swiss Novachem Limited
63 MAN/GML/00124 Sky Way Industries Nigeria Limited
64 MAN/GML/00127 Studio Press (Nigeria) Limited
65 MAN/GML/00129 Standard Industrial Dev. Co. Limited
66 MAN/GML/00130 TEJU Industries Limited
67 MAN/GML/00133 Lydoline Paints Limited
68 MAN/GML/00134 Tower Aluminium (Nigeria) Plc
69 MAN/GML/00137 Universal Steels Limited
70 MAN/GML/00138 Real Oil Mills Limited
71 MAN/GML/00140 Vitafoam Plc
72 MAN/GML/00141 Vono Products Plc
73 MAN/GML/00142 Wahum Packaging Limited
74 MAN/GML/00145 West Africa Household Utilities Mfg. Coy Ltd
75 MAN/GML/00146 SKG - Pharma Limited
76 MAN/GML/00148 Friesland Campina WAMCO Nigeria Plc
77 MAN/GML/00153 Afromedia Plastics & Engineering Limited
78 MAN/GML/00154 Aluminium Mfg. Co. Nigeria Limited
79 MAN/GML/00158 Brossette Nigeria Limited
80 MAN/GML/00165 DIL/Maltex Nigeria Plc
81 MAN/GML/00169 UAC of Nigeria Plc
82 MAN/GML/00171 Evans Medical Plc
83 MAN/GML/00179 Mayor Engineering Company Limited
84 MAN/GML/00180 Nampak Nigeria Plc
85 MAN/GML/00184 BOC Gases Nigeria Limited
86 MAN/GML/00185 Mobil Nigeria Plc
87 MAN/GML/00187 Conoil Plc
88 MAN/GML/00189 Niger Biscuit Company Limited
89 MAN/GML/00191 Nigerian Bags Manufacturing Co. Ltd
90 MAN/GML/00196 Western Electrodes Co. Limited
91 MAN/GML/00197 Nigerian Ropes Plc
92 MAN/GML/00203 Reckitt Benckiser Nigeria Limited
93 MAN/GML/00205 Seven Up Bottling Co. Plc
94 MAN/GML/00208 Thomas Wyatt Nigeria Limited
95 MAN/GML/00215 West African Thread Co. Limited
96 MAN/GML/00217 Askar Paints Nigeria Limited
97 MAN/GML/00220 Mabol Industries Nigeria Limited
98 MAN/GML/00221 Continental Breweries Limited
99 MAN/GML/00224 International Breweries Limited
100 MAN/GML/00226 Midland Galvanising Products Limited
101 MAN/GML/00227 Associated Match Industries Nig. Limited
102 MAN/GML/00228 Nigeria Wire & Cable Co. Limited
103 MAN/GML/00240 Universal Rubber Company Limited
104 MAN/GML/00241 Adeola Odutola Industries Plc
105 MAN/GML/00248 NIPOL Limited
106 MAN/GML/00249 Procter & Gamble Nigeria Limited
107 MAN/GML/00253 Glorylux Associated Industries Nig. Limited
108 MAN/GML/00259 Niki Manufacturing Company Limited
109 MAN/GML/00268 Top Feeds Limited
110 MAN/GML/00274 Golden Guinea Breweries Limited
111 MAN/GML/00277 Jimex Industries Nigeria Limited
112 MAN/GML/00281 Modern Ceramics Industries Limited
113 MAN/GML/00284 P.E. Asuzu & Sons Limited
114 MAN/GML/00287 Nigerian Mineral Water Industries Ltd.
115 MAN/GML/00293 Emenite Limited
116 MAN/GML/00296 Jebba Paper Mills Limited
117 MAN/GML/00297 Nigerian Sugar Co.Limited
118 MAN/GML/00300 Nigeria Yeast & Alcohol Mfg Plc
119 MAN/GML/00308 Terytex Nigeria Limited
120 MAN/GML/00310 Depi Limited
121 MAN/GML/00311 Fawaz Steelwood & Chem. Limited
122 MAN/GML/00314 Grand Industrial Coy. Ltd.
123 MAN/GML/00315 Great Northern Tanning Co. Ltd
124 MAN/GML/00322 Kano Textile Industries Limited
125 MAN/GML/00326 Mentholatum (Nigeria) Limited
126 MAN/GML/00327 M/S Fahid Dayek & Co. Limited
127 MAN/GML/00338 Nigeria Pipes Limited
128 MAN/GML/00339 Nigeria Sweets & Conf. Co. Ltd.
129 MAN/GML/00341 Nornit Limited
130 MAN/GML/00343 Hassan Plastic Industries Ltd
131 MAN/GML/00345 Northern Nigeria Flour Mills Limited
132 MAN/GML/00347 Raieigh Ind. Nigeria Limited
133 MAN/GML/00348 Feminal Hygienical Products Nig. Ltd
134 MAN/GML/00349 Giwarite Limited
135 MAN/GML/00351 Universal Textile Ind. Limited
136 MAN/GML/00352 W.J. Bush & Co. (Nig.) Limited
137 MAN/GML/00359 Supercor Ind. Limited
138 MAN/GML/00361 Arewa Metal Containers Limited
139 MAN/GML/00367 Cutix Plc
140 MAN/GML/00370 Turners Building Products (Arewa) Ltd
141 MAN/GML/00371 Benue Cement Co. Limited
142 MAN/GML/00373 Makeri Smelting Co. Limited
143 MAN/GML/00374 Nasco Foods Limited
144 MAN/GML/00376 NASCO Fibre Prod. Limited
147 MAN/GML/00384 Eastern Enamelware Factory Limited
152 MAN/GML/00397 Trufaith Company Limited
153 MAN/GML/00399 International Tobacco Co. Plc
154 MAN/GML/00402 Galcol (Nigeria) Limited
155 MAN/GML/00406 Home Charm Paints Nigeria Limited
156 MAN/GML/00407 United Wire Products Limited
157 MAN/GML/00410 Elson Nigeria Limited
158 MAN/GML/00411 Rolled Steel Products Limited
159 MAN/GML/00414 Standard Plastics Ind. Nigeria Limited
160 MAN/GML/00417 SC Johnson Wax Nigeria Limited
161 MAN/GML/00418 VIP Industries Limited
162 MAN/GML/00419 BCN Plc
163 MAN/GML/00421 Nigeria Alum Extrusion Co. Limited (NIGALEX)
164 MAN/GML/00422 L.S.N. Metal Industry Nigeria Limited
166 MAN/GML/00430 Controlled Plastics Limited
168 MAN/GML/00432 Eternit Limited
169 MAN/GML/00434 Therapeutic Lab Nigeria Limited
170 MAN/GML/00438 Ault & Wiborg Nigeria Limited
171 MAN/GMl/00441 Soccer Chewing Gum Ent. Limited
172 MAN/GML/00442 A.B. Chami & Co. Limited
173 MAN/GML/00447 Niger Mills Company Limited
174 MAN/GML/00448 T.S.G. Nigeria Limited
175 MAN/GML/00451 Tower Galvanised Prod. Nigeria Limited
176 MAN/GML/00460 Colodense Nigeria Limited
177 MAN/GML/00465 Interland Industries Limited
178 MAN/GML/00468 Anambra Motor Manufacturing Co. Ltd
179 MAN/GML/00469 Ezenwa Plastics Industries Limited
180 MAN/GML/00470 Agro feeds Mills Limited
181 MAN/GML/00471 Champion Breweries Limited
182 MAN/GML/00474 Nigeria Associated Best Foods
183 MAN/GML/00478 Deebee Nigeria Limited
184 MAN/GML/00480 Standard Biscuit (Nigeria) Limited
185 MAN/GML/00481 Novacare Prod Nigeria Limited
186 MAN/GML/00483 Allied Steel Nigeria Limited
187 MAN/GML/00486 Star Paper Mills Limited
188 MAN/GML/00490 Metoxide Nigeria Limited
189 MAN/GML/00491 R.H. Plastic Limited
190 MAN/GML/00492 Nigeria Machine Tools Limited
191 MAN/GML/00494 Internatch Coy. Limited
192 MAN/GML/00495 Addis Engineering Limited
193 MAN/GML/00503 Premium Steel & Mines Limited
195 MAN/GML/00510 National Trucks Manufacturers Limited
196 MAN/GML/00511 Roofco Nigeria Limited
197 MAN/GML/00513 Specomill Textile Limited
198 MAN/GML/00515 Boulos Enterprises Limited
199 MAN/GML/00519 Shongai Packaging Industry Limited
200 MAN/GML/00520 Sona Systems Associate Business Mgt. Ltd.
201 MAN/GML/00521 Challarams Plc
202 MAN/GML/00522 New Century Industries Limited
203 MAN/GML/00524 Fichtels & Sachs West Africa Limited
205 MAN/GML/00538 Starline Nigeria Limited
206 MAN/GML/00542 Ferdinand Group of Companies
207 MAN/GML/00544 Niger Paper Industry Limited
208 MAN/GML/00545 Jackson Devos Limited
209 MAN/GML/00546 MicCom Cables & Wires Limited
210 MAN/GML/00547 Leventis Technical (A Div of A G Leventis Ltd)
211 MAN/GML/00548 Gemini Pharmaceuticals Nigeria Limited
212 MAN/GML/00551 Doyin Investment (Nigeria) Limited
213 MAN/GML/00553 Isoglass Industries Limited
214 MAN/GML/00556 Homan Industries Limited
215 MAN/GML/00557 Ajalyn Shoes Limited
216 MAN/GML/00559 Indian Dawn Prod. Limited
217 MAN/GML/00563 Lakhi Textile Industry Limited
218 MAN/GML/00566 Primlaks Industries Limited
219 MAN/GML/00576 Health Care Product Limited
220 MAN/GML/00578 Monaplex Industries Nigeria Limited
221 MAN/GML/00579 Vitabiotics Nigeria Limited
222 MAN/GML/00580 Farmex Meyer Limited
223 MAN/GML/00581 DN Meyer Plc
224 MAN/GML/00584 Pharm-Deko Limited
225 MAN/GML/00585 CPI - Moore (Nigeria) Limited
226 MAN/GML/00592 Edleoseka Investment Co. Limited
227 MAN/GML/00599 Auto Components Limited
228 MAN/GML/00602 Nigeria Eagle Flour Mills Limited
229 MAN/GML/00603 Tope Allied Foods Limited
230 MAN/GML/00605 Zaria Industries Limited
231 MAN/GML/00606 Rokana Industries Limited
232 MAN/GML/00607 Lekwas Metal Works Limited
234 MAN/GML/00613 Halawa Conf. Nigeria Limited
235 MAN/GML/00614 Tripple P. Nigeria Limited
236 MAN/GML/00615 Nigeria Spinners & Dyers Limited
237 MAN/GML/00616 Triumph (Nigeria) Limited
238 MAN/GML/00621 CPL Industries Limited
239 MAN/GML/00622 Femstar & Company Limited
240 MAN/GML/00623 Nigeria Oil Mills Limited
241 MAN/GML/00626 Warri Bottling Company Limited
242 MAN/GML/00628 Sellmetals Limited
243 MAN/GML/00638 Wemy Industries Limited
244 MAN/GML/00639 Assan Oil Mills Limited
245 MAN/GML/00644 Mat Manufacturing Ind. Limited
246 MAN/GML/00646 Doyin Industries Limited
247 MAN/GML/00653 Veepee Industries Limited
248 MAN/GML/00656 West African Building Material Limited
249 MAN/GML/00658 Benmax Cables Limited
251 MAN/GML/00664 Life Breweries Company Limited
252 MAN/GML/00666 Bisrod Furniture Co. Limited
253 MAN/GML/00668 Federated Steel Mills Limited
255 MAN/GML/00671 Dunon Furniture Ind. Limited
256 MAN/GML/00677 International Text. Ind. Limited
257 MAN/GML/00680 Geepee Industries Limited
258 MAN/GML/00681 Steel Works Limited
259 MAN/GML/00683 Kolintech Industries Limited
260 MAN/GML/00684 Spintex Mills Nigeria Limited
261 MAN/GML/00686 Enpee Industries Limited
262 MAN/GML/00687 Blue Straps Limited
263 MAN/GML/00690 Olympic Packers Limited
264 MAN/GML/00691 Animpax Nigeria Limited
265 MAN/GML/00700 Benro Packaging Limited
266 MAN/GML/00701 Consolidated Breweries Plc
267 MAN/GML/00703 P.A.C Industries Limited
268 MAN/GML/00704 International Equitable Association Ltd
269 MAN/GML/00706 Twinstar Industries Limited
270 MAN/GML/00712 Pefac Associates (Nigeria) Limited
271 MAN/GML/00715 Alimsons Ent. Limited
272 MAN/GML/00721 Ducman Chemicals Limited
273 MAN/GML/00724 Nigeria Distilleries Limited
274 MAN/GML/00726 Nigerian Gas Cylinder Mfg. Co. Limited
277 MAN/GML/00732 Eleganza Industries Limited
279 MAN/GML/00743 United Technology Nigeria Limited
280 MAN/GML/00744 Dizengoff W.A (Nigeria) Limited
281 MAN/GML/00750 Rehan Investments Limited
282 MAN/GML/00756 Steyr Nigeria Limited
283 MAN/GML/00761 Jos International Brewery Plc
284 MAN/GML/00765 Aboa Nigeria Limited
285 MAN/GML/00767 Kolorkote Nigeria Limited
286 MAN/GML/00768 Trufoods Nigeria Limited
287 MAN/GML/00769 Intercontinental Distilleries Limited
288 MAN/GML/00770 Kates Associated Industries Limited
289 MAN/GML/00773 Scanink Nigeria Limited
290 MAN/GML/00782 Alhpa Paper Mills Limited
291 MAN/GML/00783 Yamaha Manufacturing Nigeria Limited
292 MAN/GML/00785 Onitsha Aluminium Manufacturing Co. Ltd
293 MAN/GML/00786 Okpoko Enterprises Limited
294 MAN/GML/00787 Smurfit Cases Nigeria Limited
295 MAN/GML/00793 Nigeria Aluminuim Engeering Nig Co.Limited
296 MAN/GML/00797 Martsie Nigeria Limited
297 MAN/GML/00804 Ebun (Nigeria) Limited
298 MAN/GML/00805 Niger Cedar Industries Nigeria Limited
299 MAN/GML/00814 Nivafer Steel Const. Co. Limited
300 MAN/GML/00815 Johnny Ind. Nigeria Limited
301 MAN/GML/00816 Winco Foam Industries Limited
302 MAN/GML/00820 Johnson Products of Nigeria Limited
303 MAN/GML/00822 Jafco Industries Limited
304 MAN/GML/00823 Universal Spinners Limited
305 MAN/GML/00833 Idowu Industries Nigeria Limited
306 MAN/GML/00839 Conerstone Nigeria Limited
307 MAN/GML/00847 KDM (Nigeria) Limited
308 MAN/GML/00852 Learn Africa Plc
309 MAN/GML/00858 Peacock Paints Limited
310 MAN/GML/00859 Jose Industries Limited
311 MAN/GML/00860 Adswitch Plc
312 MAN/GML/00861 Adaobi Nigeria Limited
313 MAN/GML/00863 Japezi Interntional Ind. Co. Limited
314 MAN/GML/00865 Global Business System Limited
315 MAN/GML/00866 Africana-Fep Publishers Limited
316 MAN/GML/00870 Geoelis Cables Limited
317 MAN/GML/00875 Danapal Nigeria Limited
318 MAN/GML/00888 Niger Automotive Industries Limited
319 MAN/GML/00890 Uru Industries Limited
320 MAN/GML/00893 Apex Paints Limited
321 MAN/GML/00901 Nulec Industries Limited
322 MAN/GML/00908 Scoa Industries Plc
323 MAN/GML/00917 Ramadan Press Limited
324 MAN/GML/00918 Rali - imex Nigeria Limited
325 MAN/GML/00919 Portland Paints & Products Nigeria Ltd.
326 MAN/GML/00921 Associated Metal & Allied Works Limited
327 MAN/GML/00923 Architectural Products Limited
328 MAN/GML/00933 Paramount Trad. & Ind. Nig. Limited
329 MAN/GML/00936 Pharco Lab. Nigeria Limited
330 MAN/GML/00937 DVC Limited
331 MAN/GML/00940 Int. Carpets Inds. Limited
332 MAN/GML/00946 Mosplast Industries Nigeria Limited
333 MAN/GML/00948 Siperco Nigeria Limited
334 MAN/GML/00949 Bode Foam Industries Limited
335 MAN/GML/00951 Heinemann Educational Book Nigeria Ltd
336 MAN/GML/00953 Odu'a Textile Ind. Limited
337 MAN/GML/00958 Cowrie Paints Limited
338 MAN/GML/00962 Bus & Refrigerated Van Mfg.
339 MAN/GML/00971 Tripple Gee &Company Limited
340 MAN/GML/00973 Sunflag (igeria) Limited
341 MAN/GML/00974 Regency Overseas Limited
342 MAN/GML/00978 Faskol Chemical Services Limited
343 MAN/GML/00980 Cybele Cosmetics Limited
344 MAN/GML/00985 Green Eagle Cork Seals Nigeria Limited
345 MAN/GML/00986 Internationl Polyworks Company Limited
346 MAN/GML/00987 Afprint Nigeria Plc
347 MAN/GML/00988 Facility Product Nigeria Limited
348 MAN/GML/00999 Omnia Nigeria Limited
349 MAN/GML/01003 Delta Ent. Limited
350 MAN/GML/01007 Metropolitan Batteries Limited
351 MAN/GML/01010 United Gases Limited
352 MAN/GML/01013 Silver Plastic Limited
353 MAN/GML/01020 Lugaco Nigeria Limited
354 MAN/GML/01025 Godwin Okafor & Sons Industries Limited
355 MAN/GML/01033 Evepon Industries Limited
356 MAN/GML/01034 Starpac Industries Ent. Limited
357 MAN/GML/01036 Oge Nigeria Limited
358 MAN/GML/01047 Ken-Ken Ind. Nigeria Limited
359 MAN/GML/01049 Bhojraj Indsutries Plc
360 MAN/GML/01052 Multipak Nigeria Limited
361 MAN/GML/01053 Emaconprint Limited
362 MAN/GML/01062 Kuramo Industries Limited
363 MAN/GML/01063 Vicoda Nigeria Limited
364 MAN/GML/01066 Jeromelaiho & Associates Limited
365 MAN/GML/01067 Multi Aluminium Manufacturing Co. Ltd
366 MAN/GML/01069 Woollen & Synthetic Textile Mfg. Ltd
367 MAN/GML/01074 Fototek Industries Limited
368 MAN/GML/01075 Litho Packages Nigeria Limited
369 MAN/GML/01078 West Coast Foods Limited
370 MAN/GML/01079 Chemiron International Limited
371 MAN/GML/01083 Continental Iron & Steel Co. Nigeria Ltd
372 MAN/GML/01086 Industrial Metallizing & Pkg. Co. Ltd
373 MAN/GML/01088 Papilon Industry Limited
374 MAN/GML/01095 Karamu Plastic Industries Co. Limited
375 MAN/GML/01096 MRS Oil Nigeria Limited
376 MAN/GML/01098 Standard Flour Mill
377 MAN/GML/01099 African Petroleum Plc
378 MAN/GML/01103 Thomas Wyatt & Son Nig. Limited
379 MAN/GML/01105 West African Bitumen Emulsion Co. Ltd.
380 MAN/GML/01113 J. A. Ladeji & Sons Nigeria Limited
381 MAN/GML/01119 Omolayo Standards Press & Bookshop Ltd.
382 MAN/GML/01134 United Steel Converters Limited
383 MAN/GML/01140 H.H. Robertson (Nigeria) Limited
384 MAN/GML/01144 Michell Lab. Limited
385 MAN/GML/01150 Pesaco Chemical Industries Limited
386 MAN/GML/01151 Pokobros Foods & Chem. Inds. Limited
387 MAN/GML/01154 Ekene Dili Chukwu (Steel Const.) Limited
388 MAN/GML/01157 Nakpo Plastic Container Limited
389 MAN/GML/01160 Teegee (Nigeria) Mfg. & Eng. Co. Limited
393 MAN/GML/01181 Angel Spinning & Dyeing Ltd
394 MAN/GML/01183 Northern Steel Mill Nigeria Limited
395 MAN/GML/01188 Viva Metal & Plastics Ind. Ltd.
396 MAN/GML/01189 Holborn Nigeria Limited
397 MAN/GML/01190 Joah Company Nigeria Limited
398 MAN/GML/01192 M/S Salami Orogho & Sons Limited
399 MAN/GML/01193 Delta Packaging Company Limited
400 MAN/GML/01195 Okin Biscuits Limited - Foam Division
401 MAN/GML/01196 Omorinoye Adolabi Ind. Co. Limited
402 MAN/GML/01199 Global Soap & Detergent Ind. Limited
403 MAN/GML/01221 Xerox H. S. Nigeria Limited
404 MAN/GML/01229 Ben Georet Chemical Industry
405 MAN/GML/01231 Brian Munro Limited
406 MAN/GML/01235 Shagoya Nigeria Limited
407 MAN/GML/01255 University Press Limited
410 MAN/GML/01268 Organic Chemical Industries Limited
411 MAN/GML/01274 Swiss Biostadt Limited
412 MAN/GML/01275 Premier Paints Limited
413 MAN/GML/01279 Festa Printing Press Limited
414 MAN/GML/01291 Prime Power
415 MAN/GML/01295 Piedmont Plywood Nigeria Limited
416 MAN/GML/01296 Mid Steel Industries Nigeria Limited
417 MAN/GML/01297 Bob Oshodin Organisation Limited
418 MAN/GML/01298 Eurolink (Nigeria) Limited
419 MAN/GML/01302 Martha Industries (Nigeria) Limited
420 MAN/GML/01304 International Glass Ind. Limited
421 MAN/GML/01305 See-Best Pharm Chemists Limited
422 MAN/GML/01307 Bons West Africa Limited
423 MAN/GML/01310 Werag Nigeria Limited
424 MAN/GML/01324 Polyplast Limited
425 MAN/GML/01325 Kano Sweet Factor Limited
426 MAN/GML/01330 Noma Oil & Cake Mills Limited
427 MAN/GML/01334 Tofa General Enterprises Limited
428 MAN/GML/01336 Fidelity Engrn. Company Nig. Limited
429 MAN/GML/01344 Super Engineering Co. Limited
430 MAN/GML/01352 Onibonoje Press & Book Inds. Nig. Limited
431 MAN/GML/01353 Universal Nigeria Industries Co. Limited
432 MAN/GML/01356 Swiss Pharma Nig. Limited
433 MAN/GML/01358 Knight Metal Manufacturing Company Ltd
434 MAN/GML/01370 Emzor Pharmaceutical Industry Limited
435 MAN/GML/01377 Ekopak Nigeria Limited
436 MAN/GML/01382 Viramsun Nigeria Limited
437 MAN/GML/01389 Nigerian Minning Corporation
438 MAN/GML/01390 Black Horse Plastics Industries Limited
439 MAN/GML/01392 M/S Union Products Limited
440 MAN/GML/01406 Sunrise Flour Mills Limited
441 MAN/GML/01414 Auskoye Industries Limited
442 MAN/GML/01415 Techno Flex Company
443 MAN/GML/01429 Rapid Hospital & Educational Ltd.
444 MAN/GML/01430 Northern Enamelware Co. Ltd
445 MAN/GML/01436 Sanafrique Nigeria Limited
446 MAN/GML/01437 Olympic Inks Limited
447 MAN/GML/01438 Salient Rubber Product Limited
448 MAN/GML/01446 Unik Vacity Nigeria Limited
449 MAN/GML/01447 International Metal Products Limited
450 MAN/GML/01455 Banex Industries Limited
451 MAN/GML/01456 Eureka Metals Limited
452 MAN/GML/01457 Ragolis Waters Limited
453 MAN/GML/01462 Apacofoam & Chem. Ind. Limited
454 MAN/GML/01467 Gaskiya Textile Mills Plc
455 MAN/GML/01472 Oluwa Glass Company Plc
456 MAN/GML/01480 BaJabure Industries Limited
457 MAN/GML/01482 Savanah Sugar Co. Limited
458 MAN/GML/01485 Major Electrodes Industries Limited
459 MAN/GML/01486 Bena Cosmetics Industries Limited
460 MAN/GML/01489 Roots International Limited
461 MAN/GML/01491 Falcon Bottling Co. Nigeria Limited
462 MAN/GML/01492 Aluminium Extrusion Industries Plc
463 MAN/GML/01498 U.A.C. Foods Limited
464 MAN/GML/01500 Grand Cereals & Oil Mills Limited
465 MAN/GML/01504 SIO Industries Limited
466 MAN/GML/01513 John White Industries Limited
467 MAN/GML/01514 Stallion Industries Limited
468 MAN/GML/01515 Mercury Mills Limited
469 MAN/GML/01518 Ars (Nigeria) Limited
470 MAN/GML/01523 Jafa Foam Products (Nigeria) Limited
471 MAN/GML/01524 Adhama Textile & Garment Ind. Limited
472 MAN/GML/01525 Harmattan Tannery Limited
473 MAN/GML/01536 Alind Nigeria Limited
474 MAN/GML/01540 Salamasor Nigeria Limited
475 MAN/GML/01541 Nigerian Textile Mills Plc
476 MAN/GML/01543 Gasta Industries Nigeria limited
477 MAN/GML/01545 Oce Filter Manufacturing Industries Ltd
478 MAN/GML/01546 Denson Paper Mills Limited
479 MAN/GML/01551 Jimioil Limited
480 MAN/GML/01552 Stag Nigeria Limited
481 MAN/GML/01556 Abeokuta Comm. & Inds. Coy. Limited
482 MAN/GML/01560 Quality Foods Manufacturing Ent. Limited
483 MAN/GML/01566 Intergrated Rubber Product Nigeria Limited
484 MAN/GML/01571 Engineering & Chemical Production Ltd.
485 MAN/GML/01575 Godwin - Kris Industries Limited
486 MAN/GML/01580 Magcobar Manufacturing Company Ltd
487 MAN/GML/01584 Borodo & Co. Nigeria Limited
488 MAN/GML/01587 Citraco Industry Limited
489 MAN/GML/01589 Vigil Shoe Industries Limited
490 MAN/GML/01598 B.C. Ifegbo & Associates Limited
491 MAN/GML/01599 L.L. Nwadike & Associates Limited
492 MAN/GML/01600 Resources Improvement & Mfg Co Limited
493 MAN/GML/01601 Jacbon Industries Limited
494 MAN/GML/01603 Nigeria Foundries Limited
495 MAN/GML/01605 Tafak Industries (Nigeria) Limited
498 MAN/GML/01609 Bentos Pharmaceuticals Prod. Limited
499 MAN/GML/01610 Ranbaxy Nigeria Limited
500 MAN/GML/01617 Anzzy Industrial Co. Nigeria Limited
501 MAN/GML/01619 Jacobs Wines Limited
502 MAN/GML/01622 Austro-Nigerian Embroidery Factories Ltd
503 MAN/GML/01623 Vego Products Limited
504 MAN/GML/01630 Premier Agro Oils Nigeria Limited
505 MAN/GML/01634 Jos Steel Rolling Co. Limited
506 MAN/GML/01635 Coscharis Auto Ind. Limited
507 MAN/GML/01638 Iju Industries Limited
508 MAN/GML/01639 G.M.O. Galvanizing Ind. Limited
509 MAN/GML/01640 Leady-Pharma Industries Limited
510 MAN/GML/01642 Tanarewa (Nigeria) Limited
511 MAN/GML/01643 Nigerdock Nigeria Limited
512 MAN/GML/01648 St. Mira (Nigeria) Limited
513 MAN/GML/01649 Providence Manufacturing Co. Limited
514 MAN/GML/01650 Nuplas Industries Limited
515 MAN/GML/01652 Mario Jose Ent. Nigeria Limited
516 MAN/GML/01654 Nigeria Spannish Engr. Co. Limited
517 MAN/GML/01656 Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited
519 MAN/GML/01663 Nigerian General Foods Limited
520 MAN/GML/01664 Triple Star Layout
521 MAN/GML/01665 Emy Holdings Nigeria Limited
522 MAN/GML/01667 Chricord Industries (Nigeria) Limited
523 MAN/GML/01668 Fenok Industries Nigeria Limited
524 MAN/GML/01669 Unique Leather Tannery Limited
526 MAN/GML/01675 Union Autoparts (Mfg Co. Limited
527 MAN/GML/01677 Juhel Nigeria Limited
528 MAN/GML/01682 Altak Industries Limited
529 MAN/GML/01685 National Salt Coy. Of Nigeria Plc
530 MAN/GML/01688 Dozzy Plastic Ind. Limited
531 MAN/GML/01689 Croissant Technical Limited (Den's Cook)
532 MAN/GML/01690 Camelaa Vegetable Oil Co. Limited
533 MAN/GML/01693 Alkem Nigeria Limited
534 MAN/GML/01694 Karan Industrial Invest. Limited
535 MAN/GML/01695 NAT Furniture & Woodwork Nigeria Limited
536 MAN/GML/01698 Dop's Products Limited
537 MAN/GML/01700 Peg Ofor Industries Limited
538 MAN/GML/01701 Piko Plastic Industries Limited
539 MAN/GML/01705 Sa-Nwinco. Ind. Nigeria Limited
540 MAN/GML/01706 Rico Pharmaceutical Ind. Nigeria Limited
541 MAN/GML/01707 Gaskiya Chemical Industries Limited
542 MAN/GML/01708 Polythene Enterprises Nigeria Limited
543 MAN/GML/01709 Industrial Metal Processing Co. Limited
544 MAN/GML/01711 Euro Sports wear Nigeria Limited
545 MAN/GML/01715 Nomagbon Pharmacy Limited
546 MAN/GML/01717 Universal Cases Limited
547 MAN/GML/01719 Bel Papyrus Limited
548 MAN/GML/01720 Rubicon Aluminium Extrusion Co. Ltd
549 MAN/GML/01723 Apricot Plastic Ind. Limited
550 MAN/GML/01726 Royal Spinners Limited
551 MAN/GML/01727 Dorian Filters Limited
552 MAN/GML/01732 Multichem Nigeria Limited
553 MAN/GML/01733 Orkila Chemical Limited
554 MAN/GML/01735 West African Rubber Prod. Limited
555 MAN/GML/01738 Multi Commerce International Nig. Limited
556 MAN/GML/01740 T.A.C (Tiger) Plastic Ind. Limited
557 MAN/GML/01744 Arty United Co. Limited
558 MAN/GML/01745 Haffar Industrial Company Limited
559 MAN/GML/01747 N. C. Peterson Industries Nigeria Limited
560 MAN/GML/01748 Mazin Engineering Limited
561 MAN/GML/01753 Rhino Shoes Limited
562 MAN/GML/01754 Eagle Paints Nigeria Limited
563 MAN/GML/01755 Gec Avery Nigeria Limited
564 MAN/GML/01756 Ayman Ent. Limited
565 MAN/GML/01757 First Spinners Limited
566 MAN/GML/01758 I.I.C. Industry Limited
567 MAN/GML/01760 Gold Eagle Industry Limited
568 MAN/GML/01765 Surgitex Limited
569 MAN/GML/01766 Sosaplast Nigeria Limited
570 MAN/GML/01767 Jobikan Plastic Industries Limited
571 MAN/GML/01771 Rochalchet Nigeria Limited
572 MAN/GML/01775 Print Inks Nigeria Limited
573 MAN/GML/01777 Sonhart Investment Limited
574 MAN/GML/01778 KMG Industries Nigeria Limited
575 MAN/GML/01779 Emar Textile Industry Limited
576 MAN/GML/01780 Fobac Equipment Mfg. Co. Limited
577 MAN/GML/01782 Cormat Nigeria Limited
578 MAN/GML/01783 Waterford Nigeria Limited
579 MAN/GML/01784 Romson Oil Fields Servces Limited
580 MAN/GML/01785 Onward Paper Mill Industry Limited
581 MAN/GML/01787 Reliance Textiles Industries Limited
582 MAN/GML/01788 Epesok Paper Mills Limited
583 MAN/GML/01789 Interlinked Technologies Plc
584 MAN/GML/01791 Edysmart Nigeria Limited
585 MAN/GML/01792 Yemco Printing Press Limited
586 MAN/GML/01796 Papercraft Nigeria Limited
587 MAN/GML/01797 West Nigeria Footwear Company Ltd
588 MAN/GML/01799 Odin Metal & Plastic Product Limited
589 MAN/GML/01803 Kerlin Products Nigeria Limited
590 MAN/GML/01804 Nimco (Nigeria) Limited
591 MAN/GML/01805 Chitra Knitting & Manufacturing Co. Ltd
592 MAN/GML/01806 Lombardy Plastic Limited
593 MAN/GML/01808 Decross Limited
594 MAN/GML/01809 Fumman Nigeria Limited
595 MAN/GML/01811 Sara Products Limited
596 MAN/GML/01812 Ulysses Nigeria Limited
597 MAN/GML/01816 Master Marine Services Limited
598 MAN/GML/01818 Bendel Feed & Flour Mill Limited
599 MAN/GML/01819 Zona Nigeria Limited
600 MAN/GML/01824 Sumal Foods Limited
601 MAN/GML/01826 Sword Sweet Confectionery Nigeria Ltd.
602 MAN/GML/01827 Lister Flour Mills Nigeria Limited
603 MAN/GML/01828 Century Edible Oks Nigeria Limited
604 MAN/GML/01830 Interpak Limited
605 MAN/GML/01832 Bond Chemists Limited
606 MAN/GML/01834 Odua Printing Company Limited
607 MAN/GML/01835 Hardis & Dromedas Limited
608 MAN/GML/01836 Edison Auto Ind. Nigeria Limited
609 MAN/GML/01838 Vinas Industries Limited
610 MAN/GML/01841 Evco Industries Limited Limited
611 MAN/GML/01843 Emos Best Industries Limited
612 MAN/GML/01844 G.O.D. Brothers Co. (Nigeria) Limited
613 MAN/GML/01849 Obike Industries Nigeria Limited
614 MAN/GML/01852 Sameco Integrated Ind. Limited
615 MAN/GML/01856 Dino-De Lonentis Minerals & Dist. Limited
616 MAN/GML/01859 Hallmark Paper Prod. Limited
617 MAN/GML/01860 President Paints Nigeria Limited
618 MAN/GML/01865 Gala Industries Limited
619 MAN/GML/01866 Dewaco Ind. Int. Co. Nigeria Limited
620 MAN/GML/01869 Chikaton Manufacturing Ventures Limited
621 MAN/GML/01870 Excellent Lamps & Globe Mfg. Limited
622 MAN/GML/01875 Century Dyes & Chemicals Limited
623 MAN/GML/01876 Zubee International Co. Limited
624 MAN/GML/01881 Kano Sugar Processing Co. Ltd
625 MAN/GML/01884 Cellopack Industries Limited
626 MAN/GML/01885 Fas Agro Industries Co. Limited
627 MAN/GML/01886 Medicus Industries Limited
628 MAN/GML/01887 Saleh Associated Limited
629 MAN/GML/01888 Domino Developments Limited
630 MAN/GML/01889 Industrial Flexible & Wrapping & Packaging Ltd
631 MAN/GML/01890 Integrated Fibres Limited
632 MAN/GML/01891 Pharmadex Nigeria Limited
633 MAN/GML/01892 Rasha Inds. Nigeria Limited
634 MAN/GML/01894 Tefai Chemicals Ind. Limited
635 MAN/GML/01895 Silver Industries Limited
636 MAN/GML/01896 Bally Plastics & Footwear Ind. Ltd
637 MAN/GML/01898 Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.
638 MAN/GML/01899 Royal Cermics Limited
639 MAN/GML/01900 Kan-Doki Limited
640 MAN/GML/01901 Northern Bag Mfg. Co. Limited
641 MAN/GML/01903 Best Bags Limited
642 MAN/GML/01904 S. Road & Sons Limited
643 MAN/GML/01905 Multiplastic Enterprises Nigeria Limited
651 MAN/GML/01918 Bourdex Int'l Plastics Limited
652 MAN/GML/01920 Double Diamond Plastic
653 MAN/GML/01925 Renco Eng. Manuf. Co. Limited
654 MAN/GML/01928 Associated Pharm. Food & Chemical Ltd
655 MAN/GML/01929 Automotive Components Ind. Limited
656 MAN/GML/01930 Unitex Nigeria Limited
657 MAN/GML/01932 Supertex Limited
658 MAN/GML/01933 Funtu Textile Industries Limited
659 MAN/GML/01936 Drury Chemicals Limited
660 MAN/GML/01937 Henley Industries (Nigeria) Limited
661 MAN/GML/01938 Falcon Chemicals Limited
662 MAN/GML/01939 Warren Industries Limited
663 MAN/GML/01940 Woodline Ind. Limited
664 MAN/GML/01941 Atlantic Shrimpers Limited
665 MAN/GML/01947 Sylva & Charles Industry
666 MAN/GML/01948 Mayfair Agro Allied Limited
667 MAN/GML/01956 Barewa Pharceuticals Limited
668 MAN/GML/01957 Hurrican Ventures Limited
669 MAN/GML/01959 Biba Foam Ind. Limited
670 MAN/GML/01960 West African Fertilizer Company Limited
671 MAN/GML/01961 Prudent Wire Products Limited
672 MAN/GML/01963 Omotosho Crown Caps Mfg. Inds. Ltd.
673 MAN/GML/01964 Femo (WA) Limited
674 MAN/GML/01965 Aroaic Batteries Limited
675 MAN/GML/01968 Industrial Printing & Packaging Coy. Ltd
676 MAN/GML/01969 Wykat Press Limited
677 MAN/GML/01971 Energy Foods Co. Limited
678 MAN/GML/01973 Atssco Abbey Office Machine Stationery Ltd
679 MAN/GML/01974 Mix & Bake Flour Mill Industrial Limited
680 MAN/GML/01979 Omowood Industries Limited
681 MAN/GML/01980 United Spinners Nigeria Limited
682 MAN/GML/01982 Beta Cosmetics Manufacturing Co. Limited
683 MAN/GML/01984 Joelas Magnetic Industries Limited
684 MAN/GML/01988 Anuniru Aluminium Company Limited
685 MAN/GML/01989 Charlie Mcmok Nigeria Limited
686 MAN/GML/01990 Global Concepts (W.A) Limited
687 MAN/GML/01991 Astra Metal Industries Limited
688 MAN/GML/01992 Charldu Industries Limited
689 MAN/GML/01993 Integrated Chemical Industries Limited
690 MAN/GML/01995 Dezern Nigeria Limited
691 MAN/GML/01996 Alo Aluminum Mfg. Company Limited
692 MAN/GML/01997 Christomex Industries Limited
693 MAN/GML/01999 Forward Shoes Mfg. Co. Limited
694 MAN/GML/02003 Lovleen Toys Industries Limited
695 MAN/GML/02004 International Enamelware Industry Limited
696 MAN/GML/02005 Industrial Projects Int. Limited
697 MAN/GML/02007 Nutri Foods Limited
698 MAN/GML/02010 Nonward Stationery Store
699 MAN/GML/02019 Prestige Cosmetics Limitewd
700 MAN/GML/02022 New Health Way Co. Limited
701 MAN/GML/02024 Raad & Faboui Limited
702 MAN/GML/02026 Sac-Mac Heart Chem Industry Nig. Limited
703 MAN/GML/02027 Wappah Foam Nigeria Limited
704 MAN/GML/02028 Sooji Press Limited
705 MAN/GML/02032 Arewa Textile Plc
706 MAN/GML/02034 Finetex Limited
707 MAN/GML/02036 Safa Foam Products Nigeria Limited
708 MAN/GML/02037 Dasco Engineering Industries Nig. Ltd
709 MAN/GML/02038 Lakmans Metal Industries Nigeeria Limited
710 MAN/GML/02039 Alinco Steel & Metal Construction Co. Ltd
711 MAN/GML/02040 Alufoils Nigeria Limited
712 MAN/GML/02041 Pharmaplastic (Nigeria) Limited
713 MAN/GML/02042 Moudaco Nigeria Limited
714 MAN/GML/02044 Seepc Nigeria Limited
715 MAN/GML/02047 Crown Tissue Mills Limited
716 MAN/GML/02049 Ground Foundry & Engrn. Works Ltd.
717 MAN/GML/02050 Bio-Organics Nutrients System Ltd
718 MAN/GML/02051 Model Plastics Manufacturing Limited
719 MAN/GML/02056 Emsaco Nigeria Limited
720 MAN/GML/02057 Eghiemai Industry Limited
721 MAN/GML/02061 Ebice Engineering Company Limited
722 MAN/GML/02063 Devtec Nigeria Limited
723 MAN/GML/02067 TAF Sheel Metal MFG Co. Ltd
724 MAN/GML/02069 Mecury Manufacturing Limited
725 MAN/GML/02072 Fred Karle Industries Limited
726 MAN/GML/02073 Bilux International Paint Limited
727 MAN/GML/02077 Bolawa Nigeria Limited
728 MAN/GML/02078 OK Plast Limited
729 MAN/GML/02079 Ok Foods Limited
730 MAN/GML/02081 Nagode Inds Limited
731 MAN/GML/02082 Universal Oil Limited
732 MAN/GML/02087 Aliman Industries Limited
733 MAN/GML/02090 Ay-Jay Pharmaceutical Limited
734 MAN/GML/02092 Industrial Utilities Company Limited
735 MAN/GML/02094 Western Polysacks Co. Limited
736 MAN/GML/02095 Jaysons Industries Nigeria Limited
737 MAN/GML/02096 Polfa Nigeria Plc
738 MAN/GML/02097 Mouka Limited
739 MAN/GML/02098 Cooler Household Inds. Limited
740 MAN/GML/02104 Muikan Plastic Nigeria Limited
741 MAN/GML/02106 Zan Cosmetics Inds. Limited
742 MAN/GML/02112 Cassa Paper Industries Limited
743 MAN/GML/02114 Niger Hygiene Limited
744 MAN/GML/02118 A. E. Okobi Mem. Inds. Limited
745 MAN/GML/02120 Etco Nigeria Limited
746 MAN/GML/02122 Chizeck Chemical Company Limited
749 MAN/GML/02131 Arigbabowo Agricultural Production Ltd
750 MAN/GML/02134 Nestle Nigeria Plc
751 MAN/GML/02135 Sewell Pharma Limited
752 MAN/GML/02139 E. Amobi Mfg. Co. Limited
753 MAN/GML/02141 Rochina Ind. Co. Limited
754 MAN/GML/02142 Niger Chemicals Limited
755 MAN/GML/02145 Hufawa Enterprises Limited
756 MAN/GML/02148 International Cards Limited
757 MAN/GML/02153 Deagbo Industries Nigeria Limited
758 MAN/GML/02157 Akamkpa Rubber Processing Co. Limited
759 MAN/GML/02158 Imoniyame Holdings Limited
760 MAN/GML/02160 Nanita Inds. Limited
761 MAN/GML/02163 Betaday Industries Limited
762 MAN/GML/02164 Prints Speciality Limited
763 MAN/GML/02166 Swiss Speciality Chemical Limited
764 MAN/GML/02174 Federal Super Phosphate Fert. Co. Ltd.
765 MAN/GML/02178 Norcon Limited
766 MAN/GML/02181 Northern Industry Limited
767 MAN/GML/02185 Geokev (Nigeria) Limited
768 MAN/GML/02188 Afrab Industries Limited
769 MAN/GML/02189 Marthchem Inds. (Nigeria) Limited
770 MAN/GML/02197 Choba Industries Limited
771 MAN/GML/02201 Industrial Promoters Limited
772 MAN/GML/02205 Chemlap Nigeria Limited
773 MAN/GML/02210 Gimns Industrial Limited
774 MAN/GML/02211 Danico (West Africa) Limited
775 MAN/GML/02213 Synthetic Rope Manufacturing Co. Limited
776 MAN/GML/02215 Fine Chemicals Limited
777 MAN/GML/02218 Lotus Plastics Limited
778 MAN/GML/02219 Champion Newspapers Limited
779 MAN/GML/02221 K.K. Products Limited
780 MAN/GML/02222 RSK Mills Limited
781 MAN/GML/02223 MGM Industries Limited
782 MAN/GML/02225 Century Polyester Limited
783 MAN/GML/02227 Brocade Manufacturing Co. Ltd
784 MAN/GML/02228 Nigerian Braiding Manufacturing Limited
785 MAN/GML/02230 Aftrade (Nigeria) Limited
786 MAN/GML/02233 Agro Products (Nigeria) Limited
787 MAN/GML/02234 Golden Star Flour Mills Enterprises
788 MAN/GML/02236 Cars Components Inds. Nigeria Limited
789 MAN/GML/02239 Polema Industries Limited
790 MAN/GML/02240 Winan Emporium Limited
791 MAN/GML/02241 Nichben Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd
792 MAN/GML/02242 Nichben Distilleries Limited
793 MAN/GML/02247 Layal Enterprises Limited
794 MAN/GML/02248 Scirrocco International Limited
795 MAN/GML/02256 Truvalu Limited
796 MAN/GML/02257 Lubcon-Limited
797 MAN/GML/02258 Akco International Limited
798 MAN/GML/02259 PDT Nigeria Limited
799 MAN/GML/02265 Dimacon Investments Limited
800 MAN/GML/02267 Pioneer Nigeria Limited
801 MAN/GML/02274 Rigidpak Containers Limited
802 MAN/GML/02276 Blanket Manuf. Co. Nig. Limited
803 MAN/GML/02280 Bagauda Biscuits Co. Limited
804 MAN/GML/02281 Ebice Houses Limited
805 MAN/GML/02282 Louis Carter Industries Limited
806 MAN/GML/02283 Bracon Plastics Industries Limited
807 MAN/GML/02285 Depatco Nigeria Limited
808 MAN/GML/02288 Emanoye Investment Limited
809 MAN/GML/02289 Pioneer Milling Co. Limited
810 MAN/GML/02292 Assisplast Limited
811 MAN/GML/02297 Pauly Poko Int'l Coy. Limited
812 MAN/GML/02301 Sokoto Leather & Tanning Ind. Ltd.
813 MAN/GML/02303 Adumson Nigeria Limited
814 MAN/GML/02307 Pamob West Africa Limited
815 MAN/GML/02308 The Coopers Benly Ventures & Co. Limited
816 MAN/GML/02312 Ebele Journey Cycle Nigeria Limited
817 MAN/GML/02313 Baslon Agro Allied Industrial Limited
818 MAN/GML/02315 Sambros Industries Limited
819 MAN/GML/02316 Yuteco Foods (Nigeria) Limited
820 MAN/GML/02319 D.F. Industries Limited
821 MAN/GML/02320 Techno Mechanical Nigeria Limited
822 MAN/GML/02322 Nulec Magnetics Limited
823 MAN/GML/02323 Nulec Plastic Limited
824 MAN/GML/02329 Pillars Mulero Nigeria Limited
825 MAN/GML/02331 Atlantic Textile Mfg. Co. Limited
826 MAN/GML/02332 Agro-Allied Processing Co. Limited
827 MAN/GML/02334 Nigerian Lamps Industries Plc
828 MAN/GML/02335 Central Bags Manuacturing Co. Nig. Ltd
829 MAN/GML/02339 Automobile Chemical Industries Nig. Ltd
830 MAN/GML/02340 United Tropical Ind. Limited
831 MAN/GML/02341 Str Auto Industries Limited
832 MAN/GML/02343 Safa Steel & Chemical MFG Limited
833 MAN/GML/02346 Jagua Pan Africa Industries Limited
834 MAN/GML/02347 Atuchukwu Chemical Chemical Ind. Limited
835 MAN/GML/02348 Amsata Supersandanman Coy. Limited
836 MAN/GML/02349 West African Book Publishers Limited
837 MAN/GML/02350 Superfine Industries Limited
838 MAN/GML/02351 Hello Products Limited
839 MAN/GML/02356 Alf Williams Industries Limited
840 MAN/GML/02359 Adenic Nigeria Limited
841 MAN/GML/02369 Standard Footwear Nigeria Limited
842 MAN/GML/02373 Joe Bros Lab. Nigeria Limited
843 MAN/GML/02380 Emmans Products Limited
844 MAN/GML/02382 Isaacstan Limited
845 MAN/GML/02386 Porcelainware Industries Limited
846 MAN/GML/02387 Flurex Industries Nigeria Limited
847 MAN/GML/02388 Lighting & Allied Industries Limited
848 MAN/GML/02389 Syndicated Metal Industries Limited
849 MAN/GML/02394 Prografik Limited
850 MAN/GML/02398 Solo Printing Press Limited
851 MAN/GML/02406 Niger Book Limited
852 MAN/GML/02415 Naafco (Scientific Supplies Limited
853 MAN/GML/02424 Fotofab Industries Limited
854 MAN/GML/02426 Mane Limited
855 MAN/GML/02428 Asaba Aluminum Co. Limited
856 MAN/GML/02431 Abudulahi Mohammed Ind. Limited
857 MAN/GML/02439 Tony Peters Industries Limited
858 MAN/GML/02440 Sacvin Nigeria Limited
859 MAN/GML/02441 Yusfaith Lithographic Industries Limited
860 MAN/GML/02444 Compensations Nigeria Limited
861 MAN/GML/02452 Ozalla Plastic Enterprises Limited
862 MAN/GML/02455 Union Dak Farms & Industries Limited
863 MAN/GML/02457 Whiz Product (WA)
864 MAN/GML/02459 Group Enterprises Limited
865 MAN/GML/02463 Elkoyz Nigeria Limited
866 MAN/GML/02464 Dover Industries Limited
867 MAN/GML/02465 Mercury Foams Inds. Nigeria Limited
868 MAN/GML/02468 Poko Oil Mills Limited
869 MAN/GML/02469 Ogenna Rice Mills Limited
870 MAN/GML/02471 MAP Industrial Cooperation Limited
871 MAN/GML/02473 Diamond Bicycle Industies Limited
873 MAN/GML/02477 Sunglass Limited
874 MAN/GML/02478 A & T Chemical Limited
875 MAN/GML/02479 Impact Limited
876 MAN/GML/02493 Fasil Rakwon Industries Limited
877 MAN/GML/02496 Cascamite Glue Limited
878 MAN/GML/02500 Vik Industries Limited
879 MAN/GML/02501 The Papilon Plastics Company Limited
880 MAN/GML/02503 Best Aluminium Manufacturing Co. Limited
881 MAN/GML/02507 Vertical Investment Co. Limited
882 MAN/GML/02508 Rapido Ventures Limited
883 MAN/GML/02509 Korama Clover Industries Limited
884 MAN/GML/02514 Shitadel Nigeria Limited
885 MAN/GML/02517 Royal Salt Limited
886 MAN/GML/02536 Golden Wallet Paper Production Limited
887 MAN/GML/02549 Aainco Enterprises Nigeria Limited
888 MAN/GML/02555 Specialist Processor Limited
889 MAN/GML/02561 Prestrest Limited
890 MAN/GML/02562 Diverse Asset Mfg. Limited
891 MAN/GML/02579 Bruneli Construction Co. Nigeria Limited
892 MAN/GML/02581 Best Link International Limited
893 MAN/GML/02585 Adebowale Furniture Inds. Limited
894 MAN/GML/02586 O.K. International Limited
895 MAN/GML/02589 Fairline Phar. Industries Limited
896 MAN/GML/02592 General Steel Mills Limited
897 MAN/GML/02595 Olu-Miracle Nigeria Limited
898 MAN/GML/02597 Prisha Nigeria Limited
899 MAN/GML/02598 Franklin Marble Industries Limited
900 MAN/GML/02600 Nalin Paints Limited
901 MAN/GML/02601 Basmic Ventures Nigeria Limited
902 MAN/GML/02612 Modelor Design Aids Limited
903 MAN/GML/02614 Remex International Limited
904 MAN/GML/02615 Vito Company Nigeria Limited
905 MAN/GML/02618 F & G International Nigeria Limited
906 MAN/GML/02619 Borno Aluminum Co. Limited
907 MAN/GML/02621 Larry Holdings Limited
908 MAN/GML/02623 S.A. Lawuyi & Co. (SALLCO)
909 MAN/GML/02624 Modern Progressive Agro Inds. Ltd
910 MAN/GML/02625 Basic Tech Inds. Limited
911 MAN/GML/02631 Joseph Wellington Adeleye & Co. Nig. Ltd
912 MAN/GML/02632 Arupa Industries Limited
913 MAN/GML/02633 Daichi MFG Co. Limited
914 MAN/GML/02636 Promasidor Nigeria Limited
915 MAN/GML/02637 Zenina Limited
916 MAN/GML/02639 Total Nigeria Plc
917 MAN/GML/02641 Crossaids Limited
918 MAN/GML/02646 Ceenek Pharm. Industries Limited
919 MAN/GML/02647 Academy Press Business Forms Limited
920 MAN/GML/02649 Manfin Nigeria Limited
921 MAN/GML/02652 Igemma N. I ndustries Co. (Níg.) Limited
922 MAN/GML/02654 Bendel Brewery Limited
923 MAN/GML/02662 Shaw Wallace Industries Limited
924 MAN/GML/02666 Sintel Industries Limited
925 MAN/GML/02674 Dangote General Textile Products Ltd
926 MAN/GML/02678 Sharon Paints & Chemical Co. Limited
927 MAN/GML/02679 Iju Technical Works Limited
928 MAN/GML/02694 Limca Bottlers Limited
929 MAN/GML/02702 Sambons Paper Mills Limited
930 MAN/GML/02705 Gateway Paper Mills Limited
931 MAN/GML/02706 Astra Beverages Limited
932 MAN/GML/02711 Ulom Brothers Limited
933 MAN/GML/02715 Next International Limited
934 MAN/GML/02728 A & M Industries Limited
935 MAN/GML/02730 More Time Co2 Gas Plant Limited
936 MAN/GML/02733 Best Total Industries Limited
937 MAN/GML/02740 Promotex Industrial & Chemical Company Limited
938 MAN/GML/02742 P. C. Mayor & Company W/A Limited
939 MAN/GML/02744 Drugfield Pharmaceuticals Limited
940 MAN/GML/02745 Geonnasons Pharceuticals Africa Ltd
941 MAN/GML/02750 Superqualy Ventures Nigeria Limited
942 MAN/GML/02755 Vista International Limited
943 MAN/GML/02761 Amalyn Industries Nigeria Limited
944 MAN/GML/02763 Beauty Base Limited
945 MAN/GML/02776 Bayo-Bola Nigeria Limited
946 MAN/GML/02790 Jubril Olu & Sons Limited
947 MAN/GML/02798 Honey Springs Enterprises Limited
948 MAN/GML/02800 Zarcom Industries Limited
949 MAN/GML/02803 Oregun Coacoa Mills Limited
950 MAN/GML/02807 Donier Aviation Nigeria AIEP Limited
951 MAN/GML/02809 Black Panther Nigeria Limited
952 MAN/GML/02810 Trawlers Manufacturers Limited
953 MAN/GML/02816 Lucky Fibrs Nigeria Limited
954 MAN/GML/02821 Plasticraft Nigeria Limited
955 MAN/GML/02822 Mikson Industries Limited
956 MAN/GML/02830 Jott Industries Limited
957 MAN/GML/02832 Presco Industries Limited
958 MAN/GML/02834 Fred-Ikye & Sons Industries Limited
959 MAN/GML/02842 Envoy Oil Industries Limited
960 MAN/GML/02843 Crown Lacquer Nigeria Limited
961 MAN/GML/02844 Iwopin Pulp & Paper Coy. Limited
962 MAN/GML/02851 Pilgims Super Cleaners Limited
963 MAN/GML/02856 Manfuacturing Technicl Co. Nigeria Limited
964 MAN/GML/02860 Bazamni PVC Tiles Limited
965 MAN/GML/02861 Tekni Trade Nigeria Company Limited
966 MAN/GML/02863 Kamo Engineering Works & Ind. Limited
967 MAN/GML/02867 Johny Young (Nigria) Limited
968 MAN/GML/02871 Phoenix Combined Plastic Industries Limited
969 MAN/GML/02872 Deras Nigeria Limited
970 MAN/GML/02876 Bounatine Ventures Nigeria Limited
971 MAN/GML/02879 Danco Mannyon Industries
972 MAN/GML/02880 Hutton Chemical Ind Limited
973 MAN/GML/02882 Dangote Farms Limited
974 MAN/GML/02888 Han Gang Plastic Nigeria Limited
975 MAN/GML/02889 Shoreman Foam & Chem. Ind. Nig. Limited
976 MAN/GML/02890 Shoreman Agro Limited
977 MAN/GML/02891 Cargo Compass Nigeria Limited
978 MAN/GML/02892 Olive Industry Nigeria Limited
979 MAN/GML/02897 Zandob Industries Limited
980 MAN/GML/02898 Chaims Paints & Chemicals Limited
981 MAN/GML/02899 Camel Paints & Chemical Industries Limited
982 MAN/GML/02906 Ace Computer System Limited
983 MAN/GML/02910 Printex Nigeria Limited
984 MAN/GML/02915 Dabeno Ent. Limited
985 MAN/GML/02916 Pal Pharmaceutical Ind. Ltd.
986 MAN/GML/02917 Trinitas Int. Nigeria Limited
988 MAN/GML/02920 Udofe Metal Industries Limited
989 MAN/GML/02921 Novel Drugs Limited
992 MAN/GML/02924 ST. Mary's Industrial Complex Limited
994 MAN/GML/02928 Unipumps Nigeria Limited
995 MAN/GML/02930 Ashrom Industries Limited
996 MAN/GML/02932 Decent Bag Inds. Limited
997 MAN/GML/02935 Alh. Idris Isa & Sons Motors Limited
998 MAN/GML/02936 N. N. Fems Limited
999 MAN/GML/02938 Maso Foam Industries Limited
1003 MAN/GML/02944 Clemco Plastics Limited
1004 MAN/GML/02945 Jichi Industries Limited
1005 MAN/GML/02946 Jimo Engineering Nigeria Limited
1006 MAN/GML/02947 Toptree Oil Mills Nigeria Limited
1007 MAN/GML/02949 Cimex & Underhill Limited
1008 MAN/GML/02950 Kayfad Spintex Nigeria Limited
1009 MAN/GML/02951 Joka Industries Limited
1010 MAN/GML/02953 Roty Products Nigeria Limited
1011 MAN/GML/02955 Markis Nigeria Limited
1012 MAN/GML/02956 Chemstar Paints Industries Limited
1013 MAN/GML/02957 Ambro Paints & Chemical Ind. Nig. Ltd
1014 MAN/GML/02958 McDon International Limited
1015 MAN/GML/02959 Zaria Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.
1016 MAN/GML/02960 Atta Plastics Limited
1017 MAN/GML/02961 Cotton & Agric Processors Limited
1018 MAN/GML/02964 Petralpha Limited
1019 MAN/GML/02965 Delman Paints Nigeria Limited
1020 MAN/GML/02966 A & Y Enterprises Limited
1021 MAN/GML/02967 Anochemical Cosmetics Industries Limited
1022 MAN/GML/02970 Byco Pharmaceutical & Chemical Ind. Ltd
1023 MAN/GML/02972 Current Foam Nigeria Limited
1024 MAN/GML/02974 Gurmeet Nigeria Limited
1025 MAN/GML/02977 Filade Marble Works Limited
1026 MAN/GML/02978 Bakarji Lesdi Agric Ent. Limited
1027 MAN/GML/02979 Aluminium Smelter Co. of Nigeria Limited
1028 MAN/GML/02980 Gafo Brother Nigeria Limited
1029 MAN/GML/02981 Tat Engineering Workshop Nigeria Limited
1030 MAN/GML/02982 Retrofit Engineering Services Limited
1031 MAN/GML/02983 Apple Industries Limited
1032 MAN/GML/02984 Eme Bus Nigeria Limited
1034 MAN/GML/02992 Gavolt Investment Limited
1035 MAN/GML/02994 Vikeap Printing & Packaging Co. Limited
1036 MAN/GML/02996 Asia Plastics Ind. Nig. Limited
1037 MAN/GML/02998 African Textile Manufacturing Limited
1038 MAN/GML/03000 Boja Industries Limited
1039 MAN/GML/03001 Ethylene Prod. & Lubricants Limited
1040 MAN/GML/03003 Betcy Industries Limited
1041 MAN/GML/03004 Mahaza Co. Limited
1042 MAN/GML/03005 Seeded Ventures Limited
1043 MAN/GML/03006 Bhojson & Co. Nigeria Plc
1044 MAN/GML/03007 Camel Star Limited
1045 MAN/GML/03010 Kunle Ola Ent. Nigeria Limited
1046 MAN/GML/03011 Om Oil Industries Limited
1047 MAN/GML/03013 Stanley Paints Limited
1048 MAN/GML/03014 Vitamalt Plc
1049 MAN/GML/03015 PMS Electrical Manufacturing Nig. Limited
1051 MAN/GML/03017 P.S. Madridses Plc
1052 MAN/GML/03018 Madico Meat Co. Limited
1053 MAN/GML/03019 Shempate Limited
1054 MAN/GML/03020 Ehae Adrindo Nigeria Limited
1055 MAN/GML/03021 Beta Vehicle Manufacturing Plant
1056 MAN/GML/03022 Zartech Limited (Agric - Division)
1057 MAN/GML/03023 Mirth Agric Service Nigeria Limited
1058 MAN/GML/03024 Air Seperation Nigeria Limited
1059 MAN/GML/03025 Eko Transport Services Limited
1060 MAN/GML/03026 Namoh Industries Nigeria Limited
1061 MAN/GML/03027 J.Omel (WA) Limited
1062 MAN/GML/03028 Innoson Nigeria Limited
1063 MAN/GML/03032 Bourdex Telecommunications Limited
1065 MAN/GML/03035 Lexig Industries Limited
1066 MAN/GML/03039 Unikem Industries Limited
1067 MAN/GML/03040 Asi Building System Limited
1068 MAN/GML/03041 Universal Furniture Limited
1069 MAN/GML/03042 Vital Investments Nig. Limited
1070 MAN/GML/03046 Shaid Mara Metals Limited
1071 MAN/GML/03048 Azuma Bottling Co. Limited
1072 MAN/GML/03049 Samfad Industries Limited
1073 MAN/GML/03051 Fata Tanning Limited
1074 MAN/GML/03054 Tanorth Tannery Limited
1075 MAN/GML/03057 Bambiz Pharmaceutical Limited
1076 MAN/GML/03058 Henry Tinner Nigeria Limited
1077 MAN/GML/03060 Adler Products Limited
1078 MAN/GML/03061 Maxworth International Limited
1079 MAN/GML/03062 Noveme Limited
1080 MAN/GML/03063 First International Limited
1081 MAN/GML/03064 Hinterland Furniture Limited
1082 MAN/GML/03065 Alpha-Uboh Manufacturing Co. Limited
1083 MAN/GML/03066 Novatec Investments Limited
1084 MAN/GML/03068 NigeriaN Concrete Industries Limited
1085 MAN/GML/03070 Ultra Unique Nigeria Limited
1086 MAN/GML/03071 Jitalex Industries Limited
1087 MAN/GML/03072 Sweetco Foods Limited
1088 MAN/GML/03074 Titilayo Plastics Inds. Limited
1089 MAN/GML/03076 Amaic Paper Mills Limited
1090 MAN/GML/03078 Uzo Global ventures (Nig.) Limited
1091 MAN/GML/03079 Olugbenga & Sons Nigeria Limited
1092 MAN/GML/03080 MINL Limited
1093 MAN/GML/03081 Corona Plastic Industries Limited
1094 MAN/GML/03082 Afroglobal Industries Limited
1095 MAN/GML/03083 Latunde Industries Nigeria Limited
1096 MAN/GML/03084 The Freedom Group
1097 MAN/GML/03085 Newworld Plastic Industries Limited
1098 MAN/GML/03086 David Laboratories Limited
1099 MAN/GML/03087 Arabi Bakeries Limited
1100 MAN/GML/03088 Freezeland Nigeria Limited
1101 MAN/GML/03090 Darex Nigeria Limited
1102 MAN/GML/03091 Best Rose Industrial Comppany Limited
1103 MAN/GML/03092 Elephant Chemical Industries Limited
1104 MAN/GML/03093 Fabro Trading & Inds. Co. Limited
1105 MAN/GML/03095 Olasimbo & Co. Nig. Limited
1106 MAN/GML/03096 Fumman Agric'l Products Industries Ltd
1107 MAN/GML/03097 Daladson Engineering Co. Limited
1108 MAN/GML/03098 Arinola Dawodu & Sons
1109 MAN/GML/03099 Ace Wood Products Limited
1110 MAN/GML/03100 Christoplast Ind. (Nigeria) Limited
1111 MAN/GML/03101 Zimark Pharm. Ind. Nigeria Limited
1112 MAN/GML/03102 Charity Foam Industries Nigeria Limited
1113 MAN/GML/03103 Canon Distilleries Int'l Limited
1114 MAN/GML/03104 Sonnex & Packaging Nigeria Limited
1115 MAN/GML/03105 Simpoly Industries Nigeria Limited
1116 MAN/GML/03106 Krakra Plastic Industries Limited
1117 MAN/GML/03107 Kano Metal Works Limited
1118 MAN/GML/03108 Raschi Plastic Company
1119 MAN/GML/03109 Ashmek Nigeria Limited
1120 MAN/GML/03110 Intercontinental Trade & Ind'l Co. Limited
1121 MAN/GML/03111 Garrick De Great Limited
1122 MAN/GML/03112 Kristo Industrial Systems Limited
1123 MAN/GML/03113 Verona Industries Limited
1124 MAN/GML/03114 Climax Industries Limited
1125 MAN/GML/03115 Woodkraft Industries Limited
1126 MAN/GML/03116 Basico Industries & Cycle Mfg. Limited
1127 MAN/GML/03117 Emic Foam Allied Ind. Limited
1128 MAN/GML/03118 Comprephensive Ent. Nigeria Limited
1129 MAN/GML/03119 Jonomeks Int'l Limited
1130 MAN/GML/03120 MCL Compaigne Limited
1131 MAN/GML/03122 Ubamaco Concrete Ind. Limited
1132 MAN/GML/03123 Enibe Brother Industries Limited
1133 MAN/GML/03124 Albena Technical Limited
1134 MAN/GML/03125 New Comex Nigeria Limited
1135 MAN/GML/03126 Ogbuta Investment Company Limited
1136 MAN/GML/03127 Eterna Industries Limited
1137 MAN/GML/03128 Osychris Industries Nigeria Limited
1138 MAN/GML/03133 Kneipe Nigeria Limited
1142 MAN/GML/03137 M/S Peters & Daniel's Ind. Nig. Limited
1143 MAN/GML/03138 Ages Industries Limited
1144 MAN/GML/03141 MAN Plastics Industries Limited
1145 MAN/GML/03142 Quick Born Nigeria Limited
1146 MAN/GML/03143 Alfo Industries Limited
1148 MAN/GML/03148 Ginpat Aluminum Products Limited
1149 MAN/GML/03149 Benue Brewery Limited
1150 MAN/GML/03150 Servemari Ventures Limited
1151 MAN/GML/03151 Zebra Industries & Inv. Limited
1152 MAN/GML/03152 Agad Limited
1153 MAN/GML/03153 Vital Products Limited
1154 MAN/GML/03154 Kamarise Investment Limited
1155 MAN/GML/03155 Mikbejoh Nigeria Company Limited
1156 MAN/GML/03157 Stevenan Limited
1157 MAN/GML/03158 Todsen Enterprises Limited
1158 MAN/GML/03159 Korea Machinry Co. Limited
1159 MAN/GML/03160 Naco Motors Limited
1160 MAN/GML/03163 Olivia Chris Int. Coy Limited
1161 MAN/GML/03164 Calabar Wood Export Processing Fac. Ltd
1162 MAN/GML/03165 Shanet Match Industries Limited
1163 MAN/GML/03166 3 Ace industries Limited
1164 MAN/GML/03167 B. B. Michael & Company Limited
1165 MAN/GML/03168 Edo Textile Mill Limited
1166 MAN/GML/03169 Ugolab Production (Nigeria) Limited
1167 MAN/GML/03170 Andy Industries Nigeria Limited
1168 MAN/GML/03171 Gabinson Industries Limited
1169 MAN/GML/03172 Meryment Nigeria Limited
1170 MAN/GML/03173 Tantalizers Limited
1171 MAN/GML/03175 Sunshine Group Limited
1172 MAN/GML/03176 Ayom Industries Limited
1173 MAN/GML/03179 Afrotec Industries Limited
1174 MAN/GML/03180 Imo-Jay Laboratories Limited
1175 MAN/GML/03181 Diamond Foam Limited
1176 MAN/GML/03184 Berliac Engineering Company Limited
1177 MAN/GML/03185 Twins Set Industries Limited
1178 MAN/GML/03186 A & P Foods Limited
1179 MAN/GML/03189 Somotex Nigeria Limited
1180 MAN/GML/03190 Matag Limited
1181 MAN/GML/03191 Qualifoods Nigeria Limited
1182 MAN/GML/03192 JMG Limited
1183 MAN/GML/03193 J. Irorun Enterprises Nig. Limited
1184 MAN/GML/03194 Gecarsi Nigeria Limited
1185 MAN/GML/03195 Homus Steel Limited
1186 MAN/GML/03196 Emily Millionaire Cosmetics Ind. Limited
1187 MAN/GML/03197 Stone Group Limited
1188 MAN/GML/03198 Natural Pharmaceuticals Limited
1189 MAN/GML/03199 Framan Enterprises (Nigeria) Limited
1190 MAN/GML/03200 Durante Fish Industries Limited
1191 MAN/GML/03201 Resogo Nigeria Limited
1192 MAN/GML/03202 Henry & Henry Limited
1193 MAN/GML/03203 Frank Chairles Ind Co. Limited
1194 MAN/GML/03204 Opponac Electrical Industries Limited
1195 MAN/GML/03206 Standard Pharm. Limited
1196 MAN/GML/03208 Era-Olu Nigeria Limited
1197 MAN/GML/03209 Linda Manufacturing Co. Limited
1198 MAN/GML/03210 Ehkay Corrugated Cartons Limited
1199 MAN/GML/03211 Sunsim Industrial Co. Limited
1200 MAN/GML/03212 Meggitto Ventures Limited
1201 MAN/GML/03213 Mikano International Limited
1202 MAN/GML/03214 Pentagon Plastics Industries Limited
1203 MAN/GML/03215 Nucleus Ventures Limited
1204 MAN/GML/03216 Lagos State 3-Wheeler Autoricks Limited
1205 MAN/GML/03218 Sino PP Woven Bag (Nigeria) Limited
1206 MAN/GML/03219 Nosak Distilleries Limited
1207 MAN/GML/03220 Kings Foam & Chemical Ind. Limited
1208 MAN/GML/03223 Prime Point Limited
1209 MAN/GML/03226 Sankin Industries Limited
1210 MAN/GML/03227 Best Oils Limited
1211 MAN/GML/03228 International Sun Plastic Ind. Limited
1212 MAN/GML/03231 Middle Point Industries Limited
1213 MAN/GML/03232 Tonimas Nigeria Limited
1214 MAN/GML/03233 Derban Nigeria Limited
1215 MAN/GML/03234 WACOT Limited
1216 MAN/GML/03235 Nickok Best International Limited
1217 MAN/GML/03236 Qualitech Industries Limited
1218 MAN/GML/03237 New Home Products Industries Limited
1219 MAN/GML/03238 Denki Wire & Cable Nigeria Limited
1220 MAN/GML/03239 Shephards Investment Limited
1221 MAN/GML/03240 Angels Tech. Limited
1222 MAN/GML/03241 Frajend Investment Limited
1223 MAN/GML/03245 Ranona Limited
1224 MAN/GML/03247 Rain Nigeria Limited
1225 MAN/GML/03248 Metalchem Limited
1226 MAN/GML/03249 Sensys Limited
1227 MAN/GML/03250 Allied Atlantics Distilleries Limited
1228 MAN/GML/03252 Iunt Industries Limited
1229 MAN/GML/03253 Aesf Ap Limited
1230 MAN/GML/03254 Eziobi Motors (Nigeria) Limited
1231 MAN/GML/03256 Bonanza Industrial Company Nig. Limited
1232 MAN/GML/03257 Stonecraft Granite & Marble CFTZ
1233 MAN/GML/03258 Pentacle Nigeria Limited
1234 MAN/GML/03259 Armada International Nigeria Limited
1235 MAN/GML/03260 Central Auto Distribution Nigeria Limited
1236 MAN/GML/03261 Qingq1 Motorcycle MFG Co.Limited
1237 MAN/GML/03262 Glamour Express Industry Co. Limited
1238 MAN/GML/03264 Rofico Limited
1239 MAN/GML/03265 Avop International Limited
1240 MAN/GML/03266 Austin Laz & Co. Limited
1241 MAN/GML/03267 Alfa Magnetics Inds. Limited
1242 MAN/GML/03268 West Africa Cotton Dev. Limited
1243 MAN/GML/03269 Stellarchem Nigeria Limited
1244 MAN/GML/03270 Celplas Industries Nigeria Limited
1245 MAN/GML/03271 Ubah Global Inc.
1246 MAN/GML/03273 Rino Resources Limited
1247 MAN/GML/03274 Vision Oxygen Company Limited
1248 MAN/GML/03275 Yale Foods Limited
1249 MAN/GML/03276 F. A. Ike & Sons Limited
1250 MAN/GML/03277 Nico Manufacturing Company Limited
1251 MAN/GML/03278 Romaco Products Limited
1252 MAN/GML/03280 African Steel Mill Nigeria Limited
1253 MAN/GML/03281 Practoil Limited
1254 MAN/GML/03282 The Capital Consortium Limited
1255 MAN/GML/03287 Talamiz Oil Mill Limited
1256 MAN/GML/03288 Daco Foam & Chemical Industries Limited
1257 MAN/GML/03289 Curtis - Jas Industries Limited
1258 MAN/GML/03290 Pirotech Nigeria Limited
1259 MAN/GML/03291 Lela Agro Industries Limited
1260 MAN/GML/03292 Crownpack Nigeria Limited
1261 MAN/GML/03293 Egbele Industries Limited
1262 MAN/GML/03294 Fruitta Juice & Service Limited
1263 MAN/GML/03295 Ziatech Nigeria Limited
1264 MAN/GML/03297 Polmerc Ventures Limited
1265 MAN/GML/03298 Ayo-Ayodele Pharm. Chem (Nigeria) Limited
1266 MAN/GML/03299 Daraju Industries Limited
1267 MAN/GML/03300 B' Safieddine Limited
1268 MAN/GML/03301 Cummings West Africa Limited
1269 MAN/GML/03303 Orzburn Aluminum Limited
1270 MAN/GML/03304 Ergonomix Limited
1271 MAN/GML/03306 Prima Corporation Limited
1272 MAN/GML/03307 Gmicord Interbiz Limited
1273 MAN/GML/03308 Nanfang Motor Nigeria Limited
1274 MAN/GML/03309 Fruitropic Industries Limited
1275 MAN/GML/03311 Ayoola Foods Nigeria Limited
1276 MAN/GML/03313 Niger Delta Flour Mills
1277 MAN/GML/03314 Glass Force Limited
1278 MAN/GML/03315 Chrisanto Industries Limited
1279 MAN/GML/03316 Nira Sounds Laboratory Limited
1280 MAN/GML/03317 Great Brands Nigeria Limited
1281 MAN/GML/03318 Sims Nigeria Limited
1282 MAN/GML/03319 Awutolo Industries Limited
1283 MAN/GML/03320 A. Z. Petroleum Limited
1284 MAN/GML/03321 Variations Industries Limited
1285 MAN/GML/03322 Digiprints International Limited
1286 MAN/GML/03323 International Fractionations & Margarine Prod. Ltd.
1287 MAN/GML/03324 Shri Fats & Margarine Limited
1288 MAN/GML/03325 Motoveco Nigeria Limited
1289 MAN/GML/03326 Noel-Bella Transproject International Ltd
1290 MAN/GML/03327 Elanro Limited
1291 MAN/GML/03328 Remson Chucks Int'l Limited
1292 MAN/GML/03330 United Charactered Industries Limited
1293 MAN/GML/03331 Airflow Engineering Works Limited
1294 MAN/GML/03332 Recare Limited
1295 MAN/GML/03333 Y.Amolad Enterprises Nigeria Limited
1296 MAN/GML/03334 Continental Agricultural Equipment Ltd
1297 MAN/GML/03335 General Pipe Industry Limited
1298 MAN/GML/03336 Rola Oil Limited
1299 MAN/GML/03337 Olusola Commercial Ent. Nig. Limited
1300 MAN/GML/03338 Sasisa Nigeria Limited
1301 MAN/GML/03339 Innoson Technical & Industrial Co. Limited
1302 MAN/GML/03344 Sun and Sand Industries Limited
1303 MAN/GML/03345 Tyreplus Industries Limited
1304 MAN/GML/03346 Basco Nigeria Limited
1305 MAN/GML/03347 Kymco Investment (W. A. ) Limited
1306 MAN/GML/03348 Goldseal Ventures Limited
1307 MAN/GML/03351 Azubros Commercial Ent.
1308 MAN/GML/03352 PGN Limited
1309 MAN/GML/03353 Elchem Limited
1310 MAN/GML/03354 Kimatrai Nigeria Limited
1311 MAN/GML/03355 Tesafranc Plastics Inds. Limited
1312 MAN/GML/03356 Geeta Plastic Products Nigeria Limited
1313 MAN/GML/03357 Cousins Nigeria Limited
1314 MAN/GML/03358 Academy Resources International Limited
1315 MAN/GML/03359 Pomat Peters Nigeria Limited
1316 MAN/GML/03360 Westac Engineering Nigeria Limited
1317 MAN/GML/03361 Supreme Lace Limited
1318 MAN/GML/03362 Artee Industries Limited
1319 MAN/GML/03363 Kitchen Vegetable Oil Limited
1320 MAN/GML/03364 Spectra Nigeria Limited
1321 MAN/GML/03365 Sapele Integrated Industries Limited
1322 MAN/GML/03366 Eastchase Aluminum Products Limited
1323 MAN/GML/03367 European Soaps & Detergents Limited
1324 MAN/GML/03368 Super Audio Industries (Nigeria) Limited
1326 MAN/GML/03371 Younes Power System Nigeria Limited
1327 MAN/GML/03372 Winner Pharmaceutical & Chemical Ltd
1328 MAN/GML/03373 Six Season Company Limited
1329 MAN/GML/03374 Richygold Int'L Limited
1330 MAN/GML/03375 Nosak Plastics Limited
1331 MAN/GML/03376 Ceadogal International (W.A) Co. Limited
1332 MAN/GML/03377 Sudit Oil & Chemical Limited
1333 MAN/GML/03378 Continental Feeders Nigeria Limited
1334 MAN/GML/03379 Golden Voice Concept Limited
1335 MAN/GML/03380 Cospam Nigeria Limited
1336 MAN/GML/03381 Gabee Industries Limited
1337 MAN/GML/03382 Saga Foam & Chem. Ind. Limited
1338 MAN/GML/03383 Dag Motorcycle Industries Nig. Limited
1339 MAN/GML/03384 Niceway International Limited
1340 MAN/GML/03385 Diamond Dust Investment Limited
1341 MAN/GML/03386 Edkeen Industries Limited
1342 MAN/GML/03390 Nutricima Limited
1343 MAN/GML/03391 Melvyn Nickson Nigeria Limited
1344 MAN/GML/03392 Sam & Sara Ventures Limited
1345 MAN/GML/03393 Fernando Global Products Limited
1346 MAN/GML/03394 Boika Ventures Limited
1347 MAN/GML/03395 Reals Confectionaries Limited
1348 MAN/GML/03398 Mufex Nigeria Limited
1349 MAN/GML/03399 Eastern Distillers & Food Ind. Limited
1350 MAN/GML/03400 Ibeabuchi Limited
1351 MAN/GML/03401 Floces (Nigeria) Limited
1352 MAN/GML/03402 Car-Go Motorcycles Nigeria Limited
1353 MAN/GML/03403 Heroes Furniture Limited
1354 MAN/GML/03404 Don-Hill Nigeria Limited
1355 MAN/GML/03406 Ecomax Media Tech Limited
1356 MAN/GML/03407 Sunplast Industries Limited
1357 MAN/GML/03409 Zans Foods & Beverages Limited
1358 MAN/GML/03410 Specialty Oil Co. Nigeria Limited
1359 MAN/GML/03411 Godrej Nigeria Limited
1360 MAN/GML/03412 Phoenix Steel Mills Limited
1361 MAN/GML/03413 Kam Industries (Nigeria) Limited
1362 MAN/GML/03414 Quamot Industry Limited
1363 MAN/GML/03415 Muyiwa Limited
1364 MAN/GML/03416 Autobahn Techniques Limited
1365 MAN/GML/03418 OM Limited
1366 MAN/GML/03419 R.M.M. Global Co. Limited
1367 MAN/GML/03420 Golden Silk Industry Nigeria Limited
1368 MAN/GML/03421 4-Tees Nigeria Limited
1369 MAN/GML/03424 Newage Industries Limited
1370 MAN/GML/03425 Edmack Nigeria Limited
1371 MAN/GML/03427 M.C. Plastic Limited
1372 MAN/GML/03428 Kiranil Nigeria Limited
1373 MAN/GML/03430 Winners Foods Nigeria Limited
1374 MAN/GML/03431 General Metals Nigeria Limited
1375 MAN/GML/03432 Sosaco Nigeria Limited
1376 MAN/GML/03435 Sinat Agro Limited
1377 MAN/GML/03436 Orange Drugs Limited
1378 MAN/GML/03437 Tao Olusola Int'l Venture Limited
1379 MAN/GML/03438 Magnet Integrted Ventures Limited
1380 MAN/GML/03439 Akwa Rubber Estates Limited
1381 MAN/GML/03442 Knigalum Limited
1382 MAN/GML/03443 Nebesco Brothers Ent. Nigeria Limited
1383 MAN/GML/03445 Highland Waters Ltd
1384 MAN/GML/03446 Converters Nigeria Limited
1385 MAN/GML/03447 Sky Media Production Nigeria Limited
1386 MAN/GML/03448 Nigerian Commercial Factory Limited
1387 MAN/GML/03449 Superb Foods Limited
1388 MAN/GML/03451 Skysat Technologies (Nig.) Limited
1389 MAN/GML/03452 Merry Aviation Comm. Elect. & Ind. Limited
1390 MAN/GML/03453 Asad Pharmaceuticals Limited
1391 MAN/GML/03454 Gazimpex West Africa Limited
1392 MAN/GML/03458 Strong Solutions Limited
1393 MAN/GML/03460 Kwara Comm. Metal & Chem Industries Nig Ltd
1394 MAN/GML/03463 Padson Industries Limited
1395 MAN/GML/03464 C-way Nigeria Limited
1396 MAN/GML/03465 African Consumer Care Limited
1397 MAN/GML/03466 Niccus Industries Limited
1398 MAN/GML/03467 Sabeanat Nigeria Limited
1399 MAN/GML/03468 Lavigar Processing & Packaging Limited
1400 MAN/GML/03469 Veetee Rice Nigeria Limited
1401 MAN/GML/03470 Aks Steel Nigeria Limited
1402 MAN/GML/03471 New Star Metal International Limited
1403 MAN/GML/03472 Sun Lung Industries Nig. Limited
1404 MAN/GML/03473 Jubaili Bros Engineering Ltd
1405 MAN/GML/03474 Rockwool Products (Nigeria) Limited
1406 MAN/GML/03475 Precise Saviour Industries Limited
1407 MAN/GML/03477 Venus - Nina Company Limited
1408 MAN/GML/03478 Omnik Limited
1409 MAN/GML/03479 Almus Ventures Limited
1410 MAN/GML/03480 Don Philips Limited
1411 MAN/GML/03481 Multi-Trex Investments Limited
1412 MAN/GML/03482 Arizona Trading Limited
1413 MAN/GML/03483 Tropical Wood Technologies Limited
1414 MAN/GML/03486 Mateco Industries West Africa Limited
1415 MAN/GML/03487 J. Jumac International Co. Limited
1416 MAN/GML/03488 Hyun Sung Hydraulic Machinery Co. Nig. Ltd
1417 MAN/GML/03489 Amoula Ventures Limited
1418 MAN/GML/03490 Mondo Vivo Limited
1419 MAN/GML/03491 Saponaria Industries Limited
1420 MAN/GML/03492 BPA Services Nigeria Limited
1421 MAN/GML/03493 Yihlong Industries Limited
1423 MAN/GML/03495 Nasem Foot Wear Ind. Limited
1424 MAN/GML/03496 Bedmate Nigeria Int'l. Ent. Co. Ltd
1425 MAN/GML/03497 China Feiyue-Emel Nigeria Limited
1426 MAN/GML/03498 Banarly Nigeria Limited
1427 MAN/GML/03499 Sren Chemicals Limited
1428 MAN/GML/03500 Sokoa Chair Centre Limited
1429 MAN/GML/03501 Zinox Technologies Limited
1430 MAN/GML/03502 Novena Majesty Ind. Limited
1431 MAN/GML/03504 Chikki Foods Industries Limited
1432 MAN/GML/03506 Holdent International Limited
1433 MAN/GML/03507 Ajaokuta Steel Co. Limited
1434 MAN/GML/03508 Nostrum Limited
1435 MAN/GML/03510 Zenith Sports Limited
1436 MAN/GML/03511 Best Paints Industries Limited
1437 MAN/GML/03512 Eagle Aluminium Ind. Limited
1438 MAN/GML/03513 Euro Products Limited
1439 MAN/GML/03514 B & D Industries Limited
1440 MAN/GML/03515 Alba Soap Industries Limited
1441 MAN/GML/03516 Fariog Nigeria Limited
1442 MAN/GML/03517 Esehi Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited
1443 MAN/GML/03518 Jivco Food & Confectionery Nig. Limited
1444 MAN/GML/03519 Central Products Limited
1445 MAN/GML/03520 Nicen Industries Limited
1446 MAN/GML/03521 Dove Pharmaceuticals Limited
1447 MAN/GML/03522 New Generation Investment Limited
1448 MAN/GML/03523 Compact Disc Technologies Nigeria Ltd
1449 MAN/GML/03524 Crosley Sinbad & Company Limited
1450 MAN/GML/03525 Saro Agrosciences Limited
1451 MAN/GML/03526 Malone King Textile Mfg. Company Limited
1452 MAN/GML/03527 Marley Shree Pharma. Nigeria Limited
1453 MAN/GML/03529 Uciko Nigeria Limited
1454 MAN/GML/03530 Xechem Pharmaceutical Nigeria Lt
1455 MAN/GML/03531 Metafrique Limited
1456 MAN/GML/03532 Cometstar Manufacturing Co. Limited
1457 MAN/GML/03533 Matva Foods Co. Limited
1458 MAN/GML/03534 VAC Ind. (Nigeria) Limited
1459 MAN/GML/03535 Gauze Pharm. & Labs. Limited
1460 MAN/GML/03536 Kingsize Pharm. Nigeria Limited
1461 MAN/GML/03537 Zaken Industrial Co. Limited
1462 MAN/GML/03538 Indepco Limited
1463 MAN/GML/03539 Vadis Limited
1464 MAN/GML/03540 Chazmax Pharmaceutical Industry Limited
1465 MAN/GML/03542 A. C. Drugs Limited
1466 MAN/GML/03543 Rexton Ind. Limited
1467 MAN/GML/03544 Avakon Industries Nigeria Limited
1468 MAN/GML/03545 Sunrise Industries (Nigeria) Limited
1469 MAN/GML/03546 Empresa Joemeg Limited
1470 MAN/GML/03547 Fembo (Nigeria) Limited
1471 MAN/GML/03548 Go Prompt Industries Limited
1472 MAN/GML/03549 Zuma Steel (WA) Limited
1473 MAN/GML/03550 Rabsih Imec Nigeria Limited
1474 MAN/GML/03551 Sanlian Lolada Ventures Limited
1475 MAN/GML/03553 Broadcrown West Africa Limited
1476 MAN/GML/03554 Abel Sell Limited
1477 MAN/GML/03555 Crown Speaker Company Limited
1478 MAN/GML/03556 Tofa Textile Limited
1479 MAN/GML/03558 Animal Care Services Konsult (Nig.) Ltd
1480 MAN/GML/03560 Classic Soaps Industries Limited
1481 MAN/GML/03561 Happinex Foam Industry Limited
1482 MAN/GML/03562 Notre Dame Industrial Company Limited
1483 MAN/GML/03564 Omega Power Systems Limited
1484 MAN/GML/03565 Remto Industries Limited
1485 MAN/GML/03568 Banquo Adidas Investment Limited
1486 MAN/GML/03569 Alpha Steel & Wire Industries Limited
1487 MAN/GML/03571 Stallion Plastic Ind. Limited
1488 MAN/GML/03573 Nasima Universal Studio Limited
1489 MAN/GML/03574 Dana Industries Limited
1490 MAN/GML/03575 Jopan Pharm. (Nigeria) Limited
1491 MAN/GML/03578 Bua Flour Mills (Nigeria) Limited
1492 MAN/GML/03579 Turare N' Hansawa Limited
1493 MAN/GML/03580 Crown Beverages Limited
1494 MAN/GML/03581 Arulin Industries Limited
1495 MAN/GML/03582 Intrachem Limited
1496 MAN/GML/03583 B & B Leather Limited
1497 MAN/GML/03584 Jaykay Carpets Ind. Limited
1498 MAN/GML/03585 Powercool Nigeria Limited
1499 MAN/GML/03586 Metec West Africa (Nig.) Limited
1501 MAN/GML/03588 Big Treat Limited
1502 MAN/GML/03590 San Savana Oil Limited
1503 MAN/GML/03591 Fraser Diving Int'l Limited
1504 MAN/GML/03592 Castle Soaps Limited
1505 MAN/GML/03593 OHT Rubber Limited
1506 MAN/GML/03594 Solpia Nigeria Limited
1507 MAN/GML/03595 Ayafa Concepts Limited
1508 MAN/GML/03596 Fine Leather Processing Co. Limited
1509 MAN/GML/03598 Fatbell Paints Nigeria Limited
1510 MAN/GML/03599 Eko Supreme Resources Nig. Limited
1511 MAN/GML/03600 Pardee Foods Nigeria Limited
1512 MAN/GML/03601 Jeruti Distilleries & Beverages Limited
1513 MAN/GML/03602 Acreage Integrated Food Co. Limited
1514 MAN/GML/03603 Geotess Nigeria Limited
1516 MAN/GML/03605 Powerwork Limited
1517 MAN/GML/03607 Mamuda Industries Limited
1518 MAN/GML/03610 Jostade Phrma. Industries Limited
1519 MAN/GML/03611 Funduk Industries Limited
1520 MAN/GML/03612 Tuyil Pharm. Ind. Limited
1521 MAN/GML/03615 Santana Foods Limited
1522 MAN/GML/03616 Darsef Enterprises Limited
1523 MAN/GML/03617 Campharma Products Limited
1524 MAN/GML/03618 Afriq Products Limited
1525 MAN/GML/03619 Avistar Investment Limited
1526 MAN/GML/03620 Samab Laboratories Nig. Limited
1527 MAN/GML/03621 Imperio Int'l Limited
1528 MAN/GML/03622 Techlum Nigeria Limited
1529 MAN/GML/03623 Cinnamon Drugs Limited
1530 MAN/GML/03624 Sagar Vitaceutical Nigeria Limited
1531 MAN/GML/03625 Goal Global Investment Limited